Orkonyil is a small project helping the Masai in a very remote part of Kenya on the edge of the Rift Valley. They are protectors of the sacred Forest of the Lost Child. Outside pressures of illegal logging, poaching, influx of outsiders to the area and erosion of their traditional values is putting unsustainable pressures on the community. This project aims to give them a voice and a platform to come together and manage these pressures. It aims to give them alternative forms of income to supplement their traditional pastoralist way of life and to help with education of the children. Watoto Trust has bought Orkonyil a Kio kit. This is a rugged box containing 40 computer tablets which can be used in rural areas of Africa without electricity or internet. The box acts as a server and a battery. The entire Kenyan curriculum is on the server so the school has access to all the resources they need. This is a huge advantage in rural Kenya where books are hard to come by.

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