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Beta Day Nursery


Beta Day nursery is run by Hannah in her fathers back yard in a poor village on the edge of Nairobi. She teaches 30 children between the ages of 6 months and 6 years. Hannah believes in a very child centered approach to learning. She is incredibly resourceful and makes a little go a long way using things around her as learning materials. She uses old sacks to paint letters and numbers on to make posters to hang on the walls. She uses natural things around the school as teaching resources for example mud is used as a modelling material and paint. She teaches the children about growing things and about cooking. Some of the children pay fees but if the parents cannot afford the fees they pay less and there are a few orphans who pay nothing. When possible Hannah feeds the children using her garden to grow food for them. Watoto Trust is providing funds to give the children a hot meal each day. In order to be able to provide hot food Hannah has to carry fire wood and water to the schol before the start of the day.