Watoto Trust is a small UK registered charity that started in 2005 and provides support in the area of education for rural communities in Kenya. We have direct links to all our projects and in a small way we hope to make the world a better place.

Over the last two decades, we have helped more than 1,000 children with education, medical expenses and living costs. We have helped build classrooms, living spaces and water collection tanks. Examples of our activities are shown below.

Sponsorship for Children at Boarding and Day Schools 

Watoto Trust is currently sponsoring over 40 students through secondary education. We encourage financial input from the families but, if necessary, we provide additional support including books, uniform, trips and toiletries. Our scholarships are for the duration (4 years), and we take on new children as the older ones leave. For some children, we also provide full living expenses, including during the holidays.

BETA Day Nursery

BETA Day nursery is a small nursery school in the slums of Dagoretti near Nairobi. There are now 57 children between 6 months and 6 years of age at the school, some can afford minimal fees, others pay nothing. Hannah Njoroge, who set up the nursery is amazingly innovative, educating these children to a high standard with minimal resources. Watoto Trust has provided funds to give the children a hot breakfast and lunch every day. 

Munje School

We contribute to the salaries of 4 teachers at a small rural primary school on the South coast of Kenya. Initially they were unqualified teacher aides, but have now completed their Certificate in Early Childhood Development and Education and are fully registered as teachers. 

Naimina Enkiyio

Watoto Trust provided a suite of computer tablets (KioKit) used by 4 secondary schools in the upland forest area of Naimina Enkiyio, to support teaching the Kenyan National Curriculum. We provided two Makiga brick makers which are being used to build houses and schools and are beginning to sponsor aspiring students from this rural area. During the Covid pandemic, Watoto supported a number of vocational projects, for example honey production and vegetable growing to support alternative incomes.

Watoto Trust is managed and administered wholly through the time given by our volunteers. All funds raised from the annual Watoto Fair and through donations are channelled directly to projects supported by Watoto Trust. Watoto Trust does not reimburse travel or other expenses for any of our volunteers or trustees.